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Going to Spain in 2 weeks!

Hello, everyone!

A while ago I've accepted a position in Valencia (Spain) for 5-6 weeks and I'm going in 2 weeks. My job is to look after the kids (boy and girl, 7 and 5 years old) when the parents are at work (7:30-15:00) and keep my room and their room in order; afternoons and weekends are ''mine''.
I'm super excited, but also a bit nervous, so I'd appreciate any tips/advice you have.

I have a few questions:
  • PACKING - What to take? I have no idea what I should bring with me. I guess clothes (how many, though?), laptop, phone, camera, iPod, make up and this is where my ideas end, lol. I have never been away from home for more than 1 week, so I'm not sure what I'll need. Maybe something specific, considering I'm going as an au pair?
  • ACTIVITIES - Do you have any suggestions how I could spend the time with the kids when the parents are at work, besides going out etc.? I speak Spanish and I'll speak Spanish to the whole family, but they mentioned that they would like the kids to start getting familiar with English (although they are not very excited about that), so I thought I could maybe include English in some of the games or something. I have yet to figure out how, though.
  • ANYTHING ELSE THAT I HAVEN'T MENTIONED HERE BUT IT'S IMPORTANT - I honestly don't even know what should I know to be prepared.
Thanks in advance! (And if anyone else is working as an au pair in Spain, feel free to contact me!)

ETA: BTW, I'm European. ;)
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