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Anyone from Newcastle and/or around Newcastle?

Hi :)

I've been lucky enough to find an au pair family and I'm going to live with them from August 25th (excited!!) 

I've been looking a bit into language courses, but I don't really need English courses to be honest. I know my English isn't a 100 % perfect, but I consider myself rather fluent in English. So, I looked into German and Spanish courses, but as much as I'd like to improve my German and Spanish, I'd also like to get to know other au pairs - and I probably won't find them going to German and Spanish courses! (The fact that language courses are insanely expensive is irrelevant right now).

Today, I stumbled upon this community, and though it may be a long shot, I thought that there may be someone in this community who's also going to Newcastle upon Tyne, or someone who's already there!

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