Syd15 (syd15) wrote in aupair,

My family is going on holidays...

Hello, I'm an au-pair in Ireland, I've been here since March and luckily I'm pretty happy with my family.

But now my host family just told me that they are going on holidays for two weeks in August and I'm like... What about me?I tried talking with the au-pair that was here before me or the ones around me right now, but none of them have seen themsekves with this problem and I don't know what to do.

What am I suppossed to do in those two weeks?

Do they think that I'll be going back home (I think she thinks I am, but it's way too expensive, and I've told her)? Will I get paid during those two weeks? Can I stay int he house? What about food?

I should ask but I don't know how to start that conversation? What if she tells me that I won't get paid those two weeks or that I can't stay in the house?
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