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aupair's Journal

The Au Pair Connection
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This is a journal for people to discuss their experiences as an Au Pair. It is open to anyone looking to become an Au Pair, who has been an Au Pair or who is currently an Au Pair. You can talk about how you found your job, what attracted you to the idea, what adventures you had...anything Au Pair related.

This community also welcomes families looking for Au Pairs. Post the qualifications you have for your Au Pair and perhaps you will be able to find one on here.

When you join, please post and tell us a little bit about yourself: where you were an au pair or where you're trying to find an au pair job, how long you were an au pair, etc...etc.
Thank you.

(To learn more about being an Au Pair, check the memories to see a list of informational websites.)

Community created January 4, 2003.
Maintained by natlach.