Mutaborizm (mutaborizm) wrote in aupair,

Recollections from Ukraine

 Nostalgia. Homesickness. We render service of sending from Ukraine of things and subjects which are connected with any recollections.

"Everywhere we are surrounded with recollections. They are kept not only in photos, but also in a crucifix presented by mum, in the watch presented by the father, in the trinket for the keys, presented by the best friend. Recollections are kept in a dusty chest on an attic of the rural house to which, at times, many long years you are afraid to approach, that the mortal melancholy on the past has not strangled… "
Evgeniy Novikov

What give us recollections? First of all, possibility again to endure those moments of life which have left impress on our memory.
Any were for a long time, any recently.
Any were pleasant, any is not present.
But the majority of distant corners of our memory are filled by something warm, soft, smelling, tasty...

It is my project.
Even if you do not concern to Ukraine, but want to receive a souvenir - please write.
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