dominique94 (dominique94) wrote in aupair,

Anyone in or near Murcia?

I'm currently au pairing in Murcia (spain) and am here till June 2014. Is there anyone else au pairing near here? I'd love to meet some people to have someone to travel with and stuff. I've ony been here 5 days and my Spanish isn't brillint at the moment!
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I'm in a really similar situation myself but in Vitoria - have checked and its a 7 hour journey :( If you are ever a bit nearer though, would love to meet up, can be a bit lonely sometimes, even if you can speak a bit of Spanish.
Hi I just moved to Murcia three weeks ago. I am an au pair and I was one in France before so I know what it can be like trying to find friends! Where abouts in Murcia are you? :)
Hola! I'm not sure where Murica is but I'm in Valencia, Spain. I'm 24 from Canada. Always looking for new partners in crime! Also, not good at my spanish.. Still learning!